the great n green outdoors

There’s something special about a backpacking trip. It’s not just spending time outdoors and sleeping under the stars, because you can do that in your backyard or at any campgrounds. For me, it’s about knowing that I am carrying everything I need in my ‘kumel’ but very-well-worn blue Eiger backpack. It’s about getting so far from civilization that I can’t hear any cars or see any city lights. It’s about finding a place to be entirely alone with nature.

When we’re at Loyola College, with a small number of friends and his own motorcycles (from old-grey Piaggio ’till Astrea Prima 89), we took a ride to bring these young-free-souls start from Ungaran Hill to Baturaden just ‘take a nap’ for a night and then continued our trip to other green places 🙂

Couple years later, a group of ‘not completed bachelors’ made another backpack trip start from Ranca Upas, Telaga Warna, Gunung Putri, until the wood of Cisarua. Many stories, from funny an scary, from met some good girls until a panther (Hmfff… God blessed this panther with a full-filled tummy he he he…).

And last months, mmm… actually I can’t say that it was a backpackers’ trip (because we brought too much things, finally I placed my foot to a clear-tidy-presentable-well organized Singapore & Malay… mmm… It took a lot of bucks… But… fine… for the first time… at least I spend them for my beautiful young lady and my great wife. It was not a ‘green trip’ because I just saw those huge buildings, but still I had to use ‘the green paper’ to pay all of these experiences…

C u @ Vatican (next decade…)


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