The Information Paradox: Realizing the Business Benefits of Information Technology

This book should be read since 9 years ago. Written by John Thorp and updated with insights from Fujitsu Consulting’s industry leading enterprise value management practice, this book provides a practical and proven approach for business executives grappling with the question of how to extract value from information technology. By this book, we’re guided to find the connection and measurenment between the value of IT investment and its result for the business improvement.

As corporations invest more and more in cutting-edge computer telecommunications technology, figuring out how these investments impact the bottom line is increasingly problematic. While CIO’s and other strategic leaders eagerly sign up for newer and jazzier systems, it has become the job of line managers to figure out how to manage these high-tech toys–and to measure whether or not they are effective. The paradox lies in this very problem: without tools to measure results, how can we effectively implement new technology? “Information technology,” after all, is about providing new information. But these systems fail to provide the most crucial bit of information managers need: Is this technology paying off for my company?

If you’re a decision maker, risk taker, a person in charge in IT supply chain, even you’re just a system developer, read this book and convert the value to led to the understanding that the issues with IT value are merely a symptom of a broader business value problem, and to the development of a new, exapnded approach – Enterprise Value Management


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